Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The Late Mrs Mwanakheri Shelukindo

It was 18 years ago when you left us,

Today recalls sad memories of a dear Mother gone to rest, there’s a sad, but sweet remembrance, there's a memory fond and true, and a token of affection mother, and heartache still for you. Years will pass before we see our Mother's face once more, the faith she taught us at her knee, will lead at last to Heaven's door. No one knows how we miss you, no one knows the bitter pain.
Since we lost you, life has never been the same. In our hearts your memory lingers, sweetly, tender, fond and true. There is not a day, dear mother that we do not think of you.

Peaceful be thy rest, dear mother, it is sweet to breathe thy name, as in life we loved you dearly, so in death we do the same wonderful mother, woman and aid; one who was better, God never made; a wonderful worker, so loyal and true, one in a million - that was you. Your judgment was always right, honest and liberal, ever upright; loved by everyone, you knew.

A wonderful mother - that was you.

Dear mother, you are not forgotten, though on earth you are no more, still in memory you are with us, as you always were before. A silent thought, a secret tear, keeps her memory ever dear.
Our Mother, who gave us the best of her life, who cherished our secrets, our sorrows, our strife, who taught us to love, who taught us to pray, our Mother in Heaven, God bless her today.
God keep you forever in His care.

Peace be thy rest, dear Mother; it is sweet to breathe thy name. In life we loved you dearly, on earth we do the same. The sweetness will linger forever, as we treasure the image of you.

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